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MARCH 2014:
14.03.2014 The Vanguard: Sydney, Australia (info/tickets)
15.03.2014 The Toff In Town: Melbourne, Australia (info/tickets)
19.03.2014 The Whisky A Go Go: Hollywood, CA, US (info/tickets)
20.03.2014 Marquee 15: Corona, CA, US (info/tickets)
21.03.2014 Count's Vamp'd: Las Vegas, NV, US (info/tickets)
27.03.2014 Brewster's Pit: Jacksonville, FL, US (info/tickets)
28.03.2014 Coconut Casino - Nectar Lounge: Coconut Creek, FL, US (info/tickets)
29.03.2014 Monsters Of Rock Cruise, US (info/tickets)
30.03.2014 Monsters Of Rock Cruise, US (info/tickets)
31.03.2014 Monsters Of Rock Cruise, US (info/tickets)
APRIL 2014:
01.04.2014 Monsters Of Rock Cruise, US (info/tickets)
02.04.2014 Monsters Of Rock Cruise, US (info/tickets)
04.04.2014 Largo Cultural Center: Largo, FL, US (info/tickets) **
05.04.2014 Smith's Olde Bar/Atlanta Room: Atlanta, GA, US (info/tickets)

07.04.2014 M.A.D. Studios: Augusta, GA, US (info/tickets) (6pm)

07.04.2014 M.A.D. Studios: Augusta, GA, US (info/tickets) (9pm)
09.04.2014 Concert Pub North: Houston, TX, US (info/tickets)
11.04.2014 Leon's Lounge: Oklahoma City, OK, US (info/tickets)
12.04.2014 Someplace Else: Arlington, TX, US (info/tickets)
14.04.2014 The Rutledge: Nashville, TN, US (info/tickets)

16.04.2014 The Dead Horse Music Hall: Pittsburgh, PA, US (info/tickets) ***

17.04.2014 The Chance Theater: Poughkeepsie, NY, US (info/tickets)

18.04.2014 Mexicali Live: Teaneck, NJ, US (info/tickets)

19.04.2014 The Palace Theater: Stafford Springs, CT, US (info/tickets)

20.04.2014 Armory Ballroom: Manchester, NH, US (info/tickets) ****
23.04.2014 Revolution Music Hall: Amityville, NY, US (info/tickets)

25.04.2014 Rock N' Roll Heaven: West Senca, NY, US (info/tickets)

26.04.2014 Holiday Inn Ballroom: Warren, PA, US (info/tickets)

27.04.2014 Lewie's Lounge: Bradford, PA, US (info/tickets)

28.04.2014 Davisson Brothers Music Hall: Morgantown, WV, US (info/tickets)
29.04.2014 Empire: West Springfield, VA, US (info/tickets)
**   with Frank Hannon of Tesla & Ron Keel of Keel
***  with Y&T
**** with Queensryche
MAY 2014:
01.05.2014 The Hot Spot: St. Louis, MO, US (info/tickets)

02.05.2014 Tailgators: Bolingbrook, IL, US (info/tickets)

03.05.2014 Club Diesel: Detroit, MI, US (info/tickets)

04.05.2014 The Firehouse: Richmond, IN, US (info/tickets)
06.05.2014 The Vanguard Music Hall: Tulsa, OK, US (info/tickets)

08.05.2014 Eck's Saloon: Lakewood, CO, US (info/tickets)
09.05.2014 The Fort 21: Greeley, CO, US (TBA)
10.05.2014 TBA: Wyoming, US (TBA)

11.05.2014 Muddy's: Idaho Falls, ID, US (info/tickets)
14.05.2014 Rock N' Roll Lodge: Tacoma, WA, US (info/tickets)
15.05.2014 El Corazon: Seattle, WA, US (info/tickets)

16.05.2014 The Tonic Lounge: Portland, OR, US (info/tickets)
AUGUST 2014:
14.08.2014 Zeppelin Bar: Copenhagen, Denmark (info/tickets) - CD releaseconcert

15.08.2014 Zeppelin Bar: Copenhagen, Denmark (info/tickets) - CD releaseconcert

16.08.2014 Zeppelin Bar: Copenhagen, Denmark (info/tickets) - CD releaseconcert

22.08.2014 Rock Café St Pauli: Hamburg, Germany (info/tickets)

28.08.2014 Marine Hotel: Old Colwyn, Wales, UK (info/tickets)
29.08.2014 Railway Venue: Bolton, UK (info/tickets)
30.08.2014 TBA
31.08.2014 Yardbirds: Grimsby, UK (info/tickets)
01.09.2014 Warehouse 23: Wakefield, UK (info/tickets)
03.09.2014 Bannermans: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (info/tickets)
04.09.2014 Mad Hatters: Inverness, Scotland, UK (info/tickets)
05.09.2014 Classic Grand: Glasgow, Scotland, UK (info/tickets)
06.09.2014 Diamond Rock Club: Ballymena, Northern Ireland, UK (info/tickets)
07.09.2014 Blyth & Tyne: Blyth, UK (info/tickets)
10.09.2014 Robin 2: Bilston, UK (info/tickets)

11.09.2014 The Diamond: Sutton In Ashfield, UK (info/tickets)

12.09.2014 Fuel Bar: Cardiff, Wales, UK (info/tickets)

13.09.2014 Corporation: Sheffield, Uk (info/tickets)

14.09.2014 Our Black Heart: London, UK (info/tickets)
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